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Almond mushroom
 Agaricus blazei, was nicknamed " the almond mushroom" because of its almond taste and also called"Kawariharatake" in Japan and "Ji Song Rong" in China. It was regarded as "the mushroom of the sun". It contains the scientifically verified bioactive compounds with important roles in boosting immune system, protecting intestines,decreasing blood sugar and promoting liver heath. Biosan supplies various Agaricus blazei products from Agaricus blazei fruiting body and Agaricus blazei mycelium in organic or conventional with the request of our customers. 

Product Name Specification Remark
Agaricus blazei Powder Polysaccharide≥ 6% Organic √
Conventional √
Agaricus blazei 1:1 Extract Powder Polysaccharide≥ 6% Organic √
Conventional √
Agaricus blazei 4:1 Extract Polysaccharide≥15%
Beta-Glucan ≥10%
Organic √
Conventional √
Agaricus blazei 8:1 Extract Polysaccharide≥30%
Beta-Glucan ≥20%
Organic √
Conventional √
Agaricu blazei Mycelium 
Polysaccharide ≥ 4% Conventional √
Agarucus blazei Mcelium 
6:1 Extract
Polysaccharide≥40% Conventional √
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