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New arrival mushroom formula extract capsule Turkey tail Reishi Maitake Shiitake blend mushroom powder in immunity health

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100% genuine mushroom, not mycelium: Our products are exclusively made from the fruiting body of Turkey tail mushroom (Coriolus versicolor), Maitake (Grifola frondosa), Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) and Shiitake (Lentinus edodes). Turkey tail is a wild mushroom from forest. Reishi, maitake and Shiitake are cultivated on the wood log. 
100% pure and clean: It is 100% pure mushroom blend extract powder, including Turkey tail, Maitake, Reishi and Shiitake mushroom 4 to 1 extract powder, with no starch, no mycelium and any other additives, and vegan friendly. It is clean and without any impurity and pesticides residues.
Scientific formula: This complex blend is extracted by Amazing Herbal mushrooms with Turkey tail, Maitake, Reishi and Shiitake mushroom to support immunity and its' function naturally. The product is in the form of capsules with scientifically verified bioactive compounds: Beta-D-glucans ≥ 10%, Polysaccharides ≥15%.
Organically certified and Kosher check: Certified as organic product from planting to processing by KWBCS annually, and also passed Kosher check by the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of British Columbia. We can issue the organic certifications of USDA and EU as well as Kosher check for customers.
Fine extract powder: Our organic mushroom 4:1 extracts (Turkey tail, Maitake, Reishi, Shiitake) are made from the organic mushrooms (Turkey tail, Maitake, Reishi, Shiitake) fruiting bodies through the extraction with the purified hot water. They are fine extract powders and easily to be absorbed.
Quality guaranteed: Our product’s quality is guaranteed with the scientifically certified active components. It is the fine powder with real mushroom flavor.
Directly from factory: We are the professional manufacturer of mushroom products in the world. We had our own mushroom farms, processing factory and laboratory. We can provide the personalized service for customers.

How to use it: Adults take 2 capsules one time daily after meal, or as directed by your qualified healthcare provider. Each bottle contains 120 capsules.

About Turkey tail, Maitake , Reishi and Shiitake mushroom
Turkey tail is a polypore mushroom with promising immunotherapeutic values. Polysaccharide-K (Kresin, PSK, PSP) is a cancer drug derived from this mushroom. Its benefits are invaluable. It is used side by side with chemotherapy when treating cancer patients, and its other role is to downplay the negative impact of the drugs used in chemotherapy. Maitake is recognized as the "king of mushroom" in Japan where it long been used as adaptogenic to treat several ailments, is an important medicinal and culinary mushrooms. Some functional and clinic studies showed Maitake boost immunity and resist virus. Reishi is referred to "the mushroom of longevity". It is the most well-researched and popular medicinal mushroom in the world. It contains the scientifically verified bioactive compounds with important roles in immune adjustment and anti-virus. Shiitake is the second most popular edible mushroom in the global market which is attributed not only to its nutritional value but also to the potential in boosting immune system.
These four medicinal mushrooms provide a rich source of nutrients and bioactive compounds that provides immune system supports. It contains beta-glucans that stimulate the immune system allowing it to adapt to protect from foreign pathogens and toxins. In recent years, it has been extensively demonstrated both preclinically and clinically that turkey tail displays a wide array of biological activities, including stimulatory effects on different immune cells. Maitake is a wonderful adaptogen, which can assist with an array of physical or mental difficulties. It does so by aiding in the regulation of the body’s systems, while promoting balance from within. The low molecular weight polysaccharides from maitake mushroom were found to enhance innate immunity in vitro. Reishi provides tremendous immune support with more than 100 beta-glucan compounds, known for their ability to stimulate the immune system. It contains the scientifically verified bioactive compounds with important roles in immune adjustment. Shiitake can boost the immune system and fight various medical conditions by providing vital enzymes, minerals, and vitamins.