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New arrival organic mushroom formula powder blend Chaga Maitake Tremella mushroom powder with blood health customized

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100% genuine mushroom, not mycelium: Our product is exclusively made from the fruiting body of Chaga (Inonotus obliquus), Maitake (Grifola frondosa) and Tremella mushroom (Tremella fuciformis). Chaga is a wild mushroom growing on the birch trees, and Maitake and Tremella are cultivated on the sawdust log. 
100% pure and clean: It is 100% pure mushroom blend powder, including Chaga, Maitake and Tremella mushroom powders, with no starch, no mycelium and any other additives. It is clean and without any impurity and pesticides residues.
Scientific formula: This complex blend is powered by Amazing Herbal mushrooms with Chaga, Maitake and Tremella fuciformis powder to support blood health and its' function naturally. The product contains the scientifically verified bioactive compounds, such as Beta-glucan, Betulinic acid, etc., to adjust blood sugar and body immune system.
Organically certified and Kosher check: Certified as organic product from planting to processing by KWBCS annually, and also passed Kosher check by the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of British Columbia. We can issue the organic certifications of USDA and EU as well as Kosher check for customers.
Fine powder and cooked by steam: Our mushrooms (Chaga, Maitake,Tremella) are pulverized and cooked by steam, then dried and blended. 
Quality guaranteed: Our product’s quality is guaranteed with the scientifically certified active components. It is the fine powder with real mushroom flavor. 
Directly from factory: We are the professional manufacturer of mushroom products in the world. We had our own mushroom farms, processing factory and laboratory. We can provide the personalized service for customers.
How to use it: You can add it into your coffee, tea, smoothies, juice, milk, water and so on. Each bag contains 200 grams. You can take 2 grams (about 1 teaspoon) per time and take one or two times daily at any time.
About Chaga, maitake and tremella mushroom
Chaga grows mainly on the bark of birch trees in cold climates, such as Northern Europe, Siberia, Russia, Korea, Northern Canada and Alaska. It is a kind of fungus with the ugly appearance. Maitake is recognized as the "king of mushroom" in Japan where it long been used as adaptogenic to treat several ailments, is an important medicinal and culinary mushroom. Tremella is commonly known as white jelly mushroom.The mushroom has been cultivated in China for thousands of years and is widely used for cuisine and medicinal purposes.
Recent functional and clinic studies found that Chaga, Maitake and Tremella have important roles in reducing blood sugar levels and insulin resistance, and maintain healthy blood fat and cholesterol. Chaga and Tremella are also very good to skin health and have been used widely in cosmetics.