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Lion's mane mushroom

Lion's mane (Hericium erinaceus) 8:1 Dual Extract

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Our organic Lion’s mane 8:1 dual extract is made from the organic Lion’s mane fruiting bodies through the extraction with the purified water and the food grade alcohol separately. Our patented membrane separation technology is used to remove the heavy metals and small molecules (such as monosaccharide, etc.), and thus enrich the content of bioactive ingredients in the extract. The extract ratio is 15:1. The Lion’s mane is cultivated in our own organic farm in original growing area of Lion’s mane in China. The Lion’s mane mushroom fruiting body almost needs one year to be harvested and contains more nutrients than the Lion’s mane mushroom mycelium.
The product is the 100% pure and fine extract (≥100 mesh)  with no carriers, no binders, no coloring and gluten free. 
Polysaccharides (water soluble) ≥10%
Beta-glucans (water soluble) ≥10%
Hericenones ≥1%
Our Lion’s mane 8:1 Dual Extract is certified as USDA organic and EU organic by KIWA BCS as well as Kosher check. The product is with no pesticide residues and with very low content of heavy metals, up to the organic food standard of US and Europe Union. The test of each batch of our products is reported by the internationally accredited laboratories.