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About Our Company

Linan Quality  mushroom focuses  on the mushroom  product development  in health  more than  10  years. We keep on  the  philosophy of that "Quality is Our Life" and provides high quality mushroom products and service to our clients. Our products have been certified as organic quality by KIWA BCS with EEC and NOP standard. We set up the organic mushroom farm since 2002 in Baishanzu Mountain, Qingyuan county,  the best ecological friendly county in China, and also known as " the hometown of mushroom & corridor bridge" and  " the origin of shiitake ".  We are  the controlling  stockholder of Zhejiang Biosan Biotech Co., Ltd, the mushroom process factory built   in   2012.  Our products sell   mainly in America, Europe and Australia etc.

The sea of clouds on the top of Banshanzu Mountain


One of the old corridor bridge in Qingyuan county, the hometown of mushroom and corridor bridge in the world


Our Quality Rooted in Good Materials

Our farm with  66  hectares are  located in Qingyuan ,  Longquan of Zhejiang  province and Gutian of Fujian province. Qingyuan  is the hometown  of Shiitake and corridor bridge  in the world. Longquan is the origin of Chinese Reishi. Gutian is the world origin of Tremella cultivation technology in the world. The wild mushroom is  picked from  the primary forest in  "Baishanzu Mountain"  and  "Changbaishan Mountain" . Our mushroom products are qualified with EEC and NOP organic standards.

Our organic mushroom farm is in the mountain of Baishanzu


A special fir is found in Baishanzu Mountain, named Abiesbeshanzuensis


The Germany officials visited our organic mushroom farm for routine observation in 2014


The organic shiitake production base in Qingyuan county


The organic reishi production base in Longquan city, the origin of Chinese reishi.


The organic Tremella production base in Gutian city, the origin of Tremella Plantation Technology


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