Our General Manager QiuHongwei was Invited to Attended the“International Sub-Health Forum”

Updated:2015-11-12 14:28:29.0

During Sep. 12th to 13th,the“International Suboptimal Health Forum” which was hosted by I.S.H.A and Capital Medical University was held at Baotou. Our general manager QiuHongwei was invited to attend this meeting and addressed at the opening ceremony. Many experts from the UK, Canada, Australia and Korea exchanged with Chinese Academy of Medical Science,China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences and Capital Medical University about the development strategy of sub-health. The experts unanimously agreed thatsub-health is a health problem appears in the process of human social development, and is also a common problem in the world.The occurrence rate of sub health is more than 70%, and it is very important for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, immune system, metabolic system,endocrine system and chronic diseases.  To deal with the sub health, we must speed up the research of diagnosis standard and scientific and practical method of sub-health, develop the health food and drug to prevention and treatment of sub-health, and accelerate the generalization the application of “preventive treatment of disease” of traditional Chinese medical science to push the development of the modernization and internalization of traditional Chinese medicine.