Phellinus linteus extracts


Phellinus linteus (Japanese "meshimakobu", Chinese "song gen", Korean "sanghwang", English "Meshima", American English "black hoof mushroom") is a medicinal mushroom used in Japan, Korea and China for centuries to prevent ailments .It has been described to be effective on a diversity of diseases, including improving blood circulation, enhancing detoxication and hepatoprotection of human body, combating allergy and diabetes, curing oral ulcer and alleviating gastroenteric disorder or lymphatic disease. Nine compounds were isolated from the active ethylacetate fraction of the fruiting body and identified as protocatechuic acid, protocatechualdehyde, caffeic acid, ellagic acid, hispidin, davallialactone, hypholomine B, interfungins A and inoscavin A of which interfungins A is a potent inhibitor of protein glycation


   Phellinus linteus Extracts(Organic/Conventional)Extract rate: 4:1 beta-glucan 10%

   Phellinus linteus Extracts(Organic/Conventional)extract rate 8:1 beta-glucan 20%