Organic Auricularia auricular(Black fungus) extract 8:1 30%beta-glucan


USDA, EEC, Kosher certificates Auricularia auricular(Black fungus) extract 8:1 30%beta-glucan


Product classification Cultivated mushroom
Label Organic
Latin Name

Auricularia auricular

Ingredients 100% Mushroom extract
Extraction ratio 8:1(8kg powder needed to produce 1kg of extract)
Appearance Fine powder,  brown-black
Material used 100% fruit bodies
Treatments of raw material Drying only
Active component 30% Beta-glucan
Storage parameters

Store in cool & dry place, keep away from strong light and heat

Shelf life 36 months
Extract method Hot water 



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   Auricularia auricula extracts(Organic/Conventional):extract rate 4:1 beta-glucan 15%

   Auricularia auricula extracts(Organic/Conventional):extract rate 8:1 beta-glucan 30%-Auricularia auricula mycelium extracts(Conventional):extract rate: 4:1 polysaccharides 20%

   Auricularia auricula mycelium extracts(Conventional):extract rate 6:1 Polysaccharides 30%

   Auricularia auricula powders(Organic/Conventional):polysaccharides 3%