Conventional cordyceps sinensis powders

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Cordyceps sinensis is recognized as the most famous tonic herb in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It has been used extensively as a tonic and health supplement for subhealth patients especially seniors in China and other Asian countries.

Numerous bioactive constituents have been extracted from Cordyceps sinensis, such as cordycepin, polysaccharides, ergosterol, mannitol, and adenosine. Meanwhile, various pharmacological actions of these chemical constituents have been reported.

l antitumour

l immunomodulation

l hepatoprotective

l anti-inflammatory

l kidney, lung and liver protection

l anti-fatigue and improve stamina

l antioxidant

l hypoglycemic

Cordyceps sinensis mycelium powder was produced by submerged fermentation using CS-4 strain. The collected mycelium was then grinded using a superfine pulverizer to give fine powder (>100 mesh).


Product classification Fermentation mycelium
Label Conventional
Latin Name

Caterpillar fungus

Ingredients 100% Mushroom powder
Color Fine powder, brown
Part 100% mycelium
Treatments of raw material Drying only
Method of production 

Conventional, liquid culture in fermenters

Processing steps Fermentation, filtering, drying
Active component 5% polysaccharides
Storage parameters Store at room temperature or lower, keep tightly closed, protected from light, humidity ans insects
Shelf life 36 months
Identification/Retracebility By non-recurring lot numbers


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   Cordyceps sinensis mycelium extract:extract rate 4:1 30%polysacchardies + 12% Mannitol + 0.25% Adenosine

   Cordyceps sinensis mycelium extracts(Convenional) extract rate 6:1 30% polysacchardies+12%Mannitol+0.25%Adenosine