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Technology innovation

Biosan believes that " Innovation is our motivation". Because of our superiority on mushroom deep-processing in China , we successfully undertookthe national R & D projects in mushroom processing supported by the Ministry of Science & Technology and the National Development & Reform Commission. We were the leader to make the industry standards of the Reishi spore wall-broken powder and the Maitake extract. Biosan has developed a number of key technologies in mushroom processing and obtained a number of invention patents. With our superior technology, we are able to produce 100% pure mushroom extracts, to increase the bioavailability of active ingredients, and to remove heavy metals from mushroom concentrates.

The Projects Approvals of Biosan’s  National Projects of Mushroom

Biosan’s Invention Patents Certificates

The Industry Standard of Reishi SporeWall-broken Powder

The Industry Standard of Maitake Extract

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